Account closure related T&C

Prohibition of unfair and unlawful practices

(1) The use of any unfair and illegal practices in the games is prohibited, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Bots. "Bots" are software programs or other devices that communicate with the gaming software. They may use presets or artificial intelligence to make in-game decisions. The use of this type of software may result in a gaming account being closed, blocked and/or funds being withdrawn from the account.
  1. Any type of software that gives an unfair, fraudulent, or unfair advantage.
  1. Any type of software that shares information between participants or facilitates collusion or deception in any form.
  1. Any type of software using a database of draws/"hands" or participant accounts that is shared between participants.
  1. Any type of software that reduces or eliminates the need for a human to make decisions (example - software or other tools that make decisions automatically for a human);

6.Any type of software designed to automatically collect data from the

  1. Any type of database that has been acquired by data mining software, whether acquired by the participant or someone else.

It is also forbidden to share any kind of database that has been acquired in a legitimate way (extracted during an actual game by the participant.

  1. Any kind of software offering real-time game tips.
  1. Any type of software designed to block mechanisms for detecting unfair and/or bad faith play.
  1. Any other type of software which, in the opinion of the Promoter, gives an unfair advantage to the entrant using it.

11.Collusion. Collusion is conducted by participants where they behave as a team, with or without prior understanding between them, which results in actual or potential harm to the Promoter and other participants in the game. In order for collusion not to occur, a participant must cumulatively comply with the following rules:

a/ A participant must always play in his own interest.

b/ A participant must not play with another in order to gain an advantage over the other.

c/ A Participant must not soft play against friends or other known Participants (soft play is any type of game in which the Participant makes a decision that they would not make in a normal situation against an unknown opponent);

d/ The Participant must play with his/her normal playing style, regardless of whether the opposing player is known or unknown to him/her.

e/ All participants are strictly prohibited from transferring bets. Transfer betting is a situation in which a Participant intentionally loses or otherwise manipulates a bet, play, or draw, including to transfer funds to other Participants.

f/ A Participant must not share his/her game moves or the moves of other Participants.

g/ A Participant may not participate in the same games with other Participants in which he has a financial interest. A financial interest is defined as an agreement or transaction between two participants to play a game in concert, including any form of game financing, exchange of participation entries, codes, bonuses, or sharing of winnings or sharing of bankroll.

h/ Participants must not encourage other participants to collude.

The rules in this section apply whether or not there is a declared agreement between participants and whether or not the action in question has resulted in harm to other participants.

  1. Account Sharing. Participants are prohibited from sharing an Account with a third party, and violation of this prohibition will be tantamount to using multiple Accounts, resulting in their blocking. It is forbidden for a participant to gain an unauthorized advantage by sharing his Account to "disguise his playing style" or by "passing" games to other participants during a tournament. All Participants are prohibited from using other people's Accounts and Participants must also keep their Account details, passwords, or any other information necessary to access their Account confidential.
  1. "Poker Farms" . A "Poker Farm" is an arrangement in which a Participant plays poker on behalf of a third party. A "Poker Farm" is also an arrangement in which a Participant is funded by a third party or plays according to a strategy provided by another party. A "poker farm" is also an arrangement in which participants perform actions provided to them by a bot or similar prohibited software, or artificial intelligence. All Participants must play on their own behalf and in their own best interest; playing on behalf or for the account of a third party or "poker farm" is prohibited.
  1. Unethical Conduct. Unethical conduct is defined as any action by a participant to gain an unfair advantage over other participants. Such actions, whether specifically prohibited by specific game rules or not, are strictly prohibited. Any attempt to gain an unfair advantage over other participants is also prohibited. Conduct at the poker table intended to disrupt the rhythm of the game is prohibited. Outside the cases described, reserves the right to determine what is considered an "unfair advantage".
  1. Problem Gambling. A person with an identified or suspected gambling problem is not permitted to register an account or play under any circumstances. If a Participant identifies or suspects a person with a gambling problem, he/she must immediately notify the and immediately cease playing with such person.

(2) The rules in the above paragraphs relating to "software" apply regardless of whether the software is developed in-house or otherwise acquired.


Payout of winnings

A win shall be deemed to have been paid for the purposes of this section upon crediting the participant's gaming account with the relevant amount.

No winnings shall be paid out before the system determines the status of the bet as "winning", after the completion of all games/events/contests in which the same bet participated, except in the case of partial payout.

A bet placed by a person in a particular draw/game/event shall have an "indefinite" status until the conclusion of the draw/game/event in respect of which the bet was placed.

The status of the bet is "determined" by the system as "non-winning" or "winning" after all draws/games/events in which the same bet is involved have been completed, except where the bet covers each event/game/withdrawal in a pool of draws/games/events separately.

In the event that the bet is a winning bet, the amount of the winnings will be credited immediately to the participant's gaming account on the site, regardless of the amount of such winnings.

(1) Partial payout of winnings is permissible after the completion of individual games/events as part of several games/events for which a bet has been accepted and the payout is made to the gaming account.

(2) A partial payout is the right of a participant who has wagered on two or more draws/games/events to receive their winnings from a single game/event before all games/events for which the participant has submitted their wager have been completed.

(3) In the cases referred to in paragraphs (1) and (2), where a bet is placed on two or more games/events, the winnings from each draw will be paid into the participant's account at the time the winnings from each game/event are determined.

(4) The above provisions do not apply where the participant wishes to withdraw part of the amounts in the gaming account balance derived from one or more wins.

Withdrawals from the gaming account

. (1) Participants may at any time withdraw available amounts from their gaming accounts. In the cases specified in the General Terms and Conditions, the may prohibit or restrict the making of withdrawals by one or more participants.

(2) Withdrawals shall be made by any of the methods declared acceptable by Https://

(3) The Platform Admin shall set a minimum withdrawal amount, depending on the method chosen, and shall announce this to participants, together with any associated withdrawal fees.

(4) The Platform Admin may impose specific conditions or restrictions on the withdrawal of winnings from wagers in Bonus Games and specific conditions for any of the selected withdrawal methods.

Prior to the first withdrawal of amounts from the gaming account or at any other time when it deems appropriate, the Https:// may require documents that prove the identification of the participant and establish the specific requirements of the law (for example, the Anti-Money Laundering Measures Act or the Gambling Act).

The Participant may withdraw from the amounts available in the gaming account to his/her account, which have been deposited and not used for betting, as well as from the winnings paid into the cash balance of the account, once the same have been "ordered for collection", in any of the ways described below and subject to the requirement of a minimum non-reducible balance (where one has been introduced by the Https:// and the restrictions below.

(1) Amounts deposited by a Participant that have already been provided as a stake for participation in a game, regardless of the type of game and the number of events/games/wins (to the extent applicable), may not be withdrawn by the Participant.

(2) At the conclusion of the events/games/events for which the bet is placed and the bet is determined by the system to be a "winner", the participant may withdraw his winnings as set out below.

Withdrawals by the participant are only possible if they are available in the Cash Balance of his/her account at the time they are ordered to be withdrawn, subject to the requirement of a non-reducible minimum balance (where one has been introduced by the Https://

(1) In order to instruct the relevant amount to be received, the Participant must access his account by entering a username and password.

(2) Upon successful login to the account, the participant shall mark the amount he/she wishes to withdraw according to his/her account balance, select the "order to receive" option and the payment method.

(3) The Https:// may require confirmation of the Participant's identity and bank account or card affiliation and verification by requesting proper documentation to that effect. Such (this is not an exhaustive list) are an original and/or scanned copy of ID, bank card (with certain digits obscured), bank statement, certificate, proof of fees paid for the address indicated and/or others at the discretion of the Promoter.

(4) The participant's verification must be made within 14 days from the date of the withdrawal request, otherwise funds will not be withdrawn from the participant's gaming account.

(5) In the event that the participant fails to provide the documents required for the verification above or the verification is unsuccessful, Https:// will not allow the withdrawal.

(6) The amount ordered to be withdrawn shall be automatically blocked by the system and may not be used as a stake for participation in a game.

(7) When the amount ordered to be received is deposited by debit or credit card, the amount is automatically credited to the same card unless the Participant designates another card and is deemed received upon crediting the card account.

(8) The rules in paragraph (7 ) may not be applied in the event that the law or the rules approved by the competent authorities and/or the Https:// provide for payment to be made by a particular method.

(9) Once the withdrawal request (outgoing transfer) is successfully made, a message is automatically sent to the participant's account containing the transaction reference number.

(10) The requested outgoing transfers shall be redirected to the payment method selected by the participant.

(11) Payment to the participant shall be made cashless, by one of the following methods:

(12) Https:// shall not be liable for any problems with the payment method chosen by the Participant in case they are due to reasons for which the respective bank/payment institution is responsible or for the relationship between the Participant and the respective third party.

The Platform Admin may suspend the use of one or more of the methods.

(13 ) If a withdrawal is requested for less than the minimum amounts indicated in , the funds will be returned to the participant's account.

(14) The Platform Admin shall determine the minimum withdrawal amounts by the appropriate methods and announce them on the Site. The Promoter may change their amounts and conditions at any time.

(15)For a withdrawal request to be successfully authorised, the participant may be required to confirm all his/her previous deposits into his/her gaming account.

(16)The Promoter shall set a limit on the number of withdrawals per day or other period of time by announcing the information on the Site. The Organizer may change this limit at any time.

(17) The Promoter has the right to delay the process or terminate an outgoing transfer request until verification has been made by confirming the existence of previous deposits made by the participant.

(18)The Participant may withdraw his bonus winnings only after all rules related to bonuses and promotions have been complied with, respectively reflected in the Cash Balance.

(19)The Promoter charges fees for processing outgoing transfers that are different from the fees charged by the card-issuing bank or payment institution. The amount and types of fees shall be determined by the Promoter and announced on the Site. The Promoter may change the fees at any time.

(20) If the Participant has used a debit or credit card for deposit and has selected the same as the method of withdrawal from his gaming account, but the card-issuing bank does not accept the transaction, then the amount requested for withdrawal will be returned to the balance of the gaming account.

(21) The method of withdrawal shall, where possible, be reciprocal in nature to the method used to deposit into the gaming account.

(22) In the case of a deposit by different payment instruments or a withdrawal request by different methods, verification shall be made for each method.

(23) If there is a discrepancy between the registration details and the verification details, the funds in the account may be blocked until the matter is clarified.

(24) In case of doubt, the Promoter reserves the right to request additional documents before processing the withdrawal of funds.

(25) Depending on the method used to deposit funds into a gaming account, certain identification documents will be required from the participant in order to successfully verify and process the withdrawal request.

(26) The Promoter may request documents (original or certified copy) necessary to prove the authenticity of the information provided.

(27) Irrespective of the method of replenishment used, the participant must provide a copy of the identity document requested by the Platform Admin.

(28 ) Depending on the method of replenishment, another document may also be required to be submitted:

(29) If the account is loaded with a bank (debit or credit) card, a copy of the face and back of the bank card (with the first 6 and last 4 digits) of the face and security number on the back of the card obscured) should be sent to compare whether the name of the cardholder matches.

(30) If paying through a payment processor, verification will be performed at the time of withdrawal against the participant's ID and verified against the participant's registered name and SSN;

(31). If paying by bank transfer, no additional document is required if the name of the payer matches the person on the ID card/game account.

(32) Copies of the documents can also be provided via the account, after login with username and password, and, if requested by the Promoter, by email.

(33) When requesting withdrawals by debit/credit card or bank transfer, the following rules shall apply:

  1. a) .The Participant must verify all credit/debit cards used for deposit (verification documents).
  1. b) If a withdrawal is requested by bank transfer and the deposit is made by card, the name of the bank account holder must match the name on the card used for deposit.

In all cases of amounts deposited by card (debit or credit) and especially in the cases referred to in above, in the event of a withdrawal being requested from the gaming account, the Platform Admin shall be entitled to pay a portion of the amount requested for withdrawal, equal to the amount of the deposit, to the card from which the deposit was made, notwithstanding that the participant has requested another method of withdrawal.

(34) Https:// is not liable for any payment made on the card (debit or credit) of a third party.

(1) A withdrawal request may be refused by the participant if the request has not yet been authorised by the Platform Admin.

(2) In case the withdrawal request is successfully authorised, the funds cannot be transferred back to the account.

(3) The time it will take the participant to receive the requested funds depends on the payment method chosen and the participant's contract with the relevant bank/payment institution.

. To refuse a withdrawal, it is necessary that the participant:

  1. log in to his account.
  1. select "Withdrawal History", where a list of all requests made by the participant to withdraw funds will appear, and accordingly select the desired one.
  1. Activate the "Cancel" button. If the withdrawal request has not yet been authorised by the Promoter, an option to decline the withdrawal will be available. By activating the "Decline" button, the funds requested for withdrawal will be immediately transferred back to the balance of the gaming account.


(1) The organizer shall have the right:

1.Https:// at any time modify, supplement, terminate the use of games, services, elements thereof, the content of the site in its entirety or any part thereof, participation in games, in general or with respect to a particular participant or group of participants. This right may also be exercised without notice.

2.Https:// restrict or suspend access to the content of the site or to games or services for all or any of the participants. It may exercise this right without notice.

3.Https:// terminate or restrict, or otherwise prohibit, temporarily or permanently, access to the Site, services or games, or account, respectively gaming (customer/user) account, of a participant who has violated or is violating the General Terms and Conditions, as well as the established, for any of the games on the Site, mandatory gaming terms and conditions, as well as other additional and specific terms and conditions published on the Site.

  1. Https:// to freely set special conditions for certain games / to certain participants, as well as for the provision of bonuses.

5.Https:// to organise games and drawings to give away additional cash and prizes.

6.Https:// could not to authorise withdrawals from the gaming account in case of suspicion of money laundering or on the grounds provided for in the regulations on measures against money laundering, as well as in case of abuse of law, use of prohibited practices or any attempt to profit from bonus bets, that are not commensurate with the actual bets placed or are made in contravention of the established rules, as well as in the event of a breach of the General Terms and Conditions, as well as the established, for any of the games, mandatory gaming terms and conditions, as well as other additional and specific terms and conditions published on the website.

  1. to limit for the entire period of any of the games or for a specific period the number of bets, bonus bets, or codes for participation in the games for the distribution of additional winnings that can be used by a participant, respectively in a single gaming account.
  1. limit for the entire duration of a game or for a specified period the number of bonus wagers that may be made from a single user account.

(2) The rights referred to in the preceding paragraph may be exercised by the Https:// for a particular participant, for a group of participants, or for any one participant.

(3) The Promoter shall not be liable for its decision to exercise any of its rights above.

(1) The Https:// shall have the right to determine the rules and conditions for bonusing participants and conducting special bonus games, including those without actual stakes and winnings.

(2) The Platform Admin shall have the right to distribute bonuses to participants. Their type, purpose, eligibility criteria, the rules, conditions and terms for their provision, their use, the additional winnings that may be obtained from playing with them, the receipt and withdrawal of winnings from them and all other matters relating to them shall be freely determined by the Promoter. The Promoter will announce the relevant bonus type, the rules and conditions for them on the Website. The Promoter may amend these terms and conditions at any time.

(3) The Promoter is entitled to award bonuses to participants at its sole discretion. They may also be distributed randomly.

(4) Not every participant receives bonus(es) or participation in bonus or other special games. Bonuses may also vary from participant to participant, including in type and amount. The Promoter has the right not to give a bonus to a particular participant regardless of the criteria for this according to the announced rules.

(5) The Promoter has the right to set specific conditions for the withdrawal of winnings from wagers in games with Bonuses, as well as specific conditions for certain selected withdrawal methods.

(6) The Promoter shall not be liable to any participant for any failure to provide or withdrawal of a bonus.

(1) The Promoter reserves the right to carry out checks and investigations of suspicious actions by participants and of abuse of right.

(2) If any unauthorized play or unethical behavior in any form or abuse of entitlement is detected, the Promoter has the right to block the participant's gaming account and to block and/or withdraw funds, including deposits and withdrawals not yet made, as well as to forfeit winnings or not to charge winnings.

(1) If there are suspicions of abuse of right, unauthorized actions or unethical play, the account, including the participant's gaming account will be blocked until the investigation is completed. The duration of the blocking is dependent on the time required to conduct the investigation.

(2) During the investigation, it may not be possible for the participant to log in to their account, participate in games or make wagers, deposits, and withdrawals.

The Promoter reserves the right to determine whether a case is in breach of the rules of the game or not. The Promoter's decision is final.

(2) If a breach of the rules or these terms and conditions is established, any information relevant to the case will be taken into account and the Promoter may, in addition to any other powers, take one or a combination of the following measures:

1. Warning.

  • Temporary or permanent closure of the account, including the gaming account.
  • Cancellation of deposits or withdrawals requested to the participant's gaming account.
  • Blocking and/or withdrawal of some or all of the funds from the Participant's gaming account.
  • Disallowance and/or disqualification from any bonus games, bonuses, bonus game winnings and the like.
  • Reporting the incident to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.
  • Filing a claim or taking other legal action.

(3) For the avoidance of doubt, evidence of abuse of law, use of prohibited practices or any attempt to profit from bonus bets that are not commensurate with the actual bets made or are made contrary to established rules shall be deemed to exist where the account is that of a person employed by or associated with the Promoter or its affiliates and their business partners.

. Participants who have complaints about possible irregular play or unethical behavior of any nature may contact the Https:// by customer support department.

(1) The Site may be used by a person who has accepted these Terms and Conditions.

(2) Each opening of a page on the site shall be deemed to be a statement of acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and an undertaking to comply with them.

(3) Use of the Site shall be deemed to commence when a person logs on to Https://, including from the time the home page is loaded.

(4) The end point of use of the website (leaving the website) is the point at which the person has closed all the pages of the website used by him.

(5) The General Terms and Conditions are valid for the users from the initial to the final moment of use of the website.

(6) In the event that a service offered by the Site can be used without requiring the real-time presence of the participant on the Site, the General Terms and Conditions shall have effect for the participant during the period of use.

(7)The Participant shall provide at his own expense a suitable computer configuration, operating system, and Internet access for the use of the Site.

(8)The Promoter shall not be held liable in the event of the inability of the users of the Site to use the same and the services due to a reason outside the Https:// itself.

(9) The Promoter shall not be liable to the participant if any game, gaming session, data processing related thereto, including regarding the results of betting, the number of bets, the size of winnings, etc., are interrupted, or the information about them is lost or destroyed due to reasons beyond the control of the Https:// or due to the actions of third parties or accidental events.

(10) When using the site and the services on it, the participant, as well as any person using the site, is obliged to comply with the applicable regulations, the rules of ethical conduct on the Internet, the rules of morality, good morals and the General Terms and Conditions.

(11) The participant, as well as any person using the site, is obliged not to carry out such actions that constitute unlawful intervention in the computer programs that ensure the functioning of the site, including but not limited to interference with the server or the network connected to the server or the site.

(12) The participant, as well as any person using the site, undertakes not to publish information or make statements in any form or manner containing:

a/.national, religious, political, racial, ethnic intolerance.

b/.insult and/or defamation of any person.

c/.threat to the life and integrity of the person.

d/.calling to commit a crime.

e/.calling for a violent change of the established order of state government.

f/.advertising message.

g/ .classified or other protected information.

h/proposal to conclude commercial transactions.

w/.information concerning the privacy of third parties.

j/.any information contrary to the law, rules of morality and good morals.

(3) The Promoter shall not be liable to participants or others for the statements of the person/participant in bad faith and their publication on the website.